MetAmino LC/GC-MS Sample Preparation Kits

MetAmino® LC/GC-MS Sample Preparation Kit

Amino acids play pivotal role in various metabolic pathways. They mostly act as intermediates often not directly involving proteins. Due to their chemical complexity and dynamic range, their reliable quantitative and qualitative analysis in biological fluids and tissues is crucial for nutritional information, compound identification and diagnostics.

For that purpose, a simple, elegant and thus far the most expeditious method for an invaluable amino acid analysis has been developed. LC/GC-MS based Metamino® kit offers comprehensive solution up to 75 metabolites including polyamines, biogenic amines and coenzymes with the possibility to a further analyte extension.


Our LC-MS/GC-MS Metamino® kits provide fast, robust, reproducible and accurate procedure for the amino acid quantification, where both sample handling and chromatographic separation are taken into account.

Using liquid chromatography (LC) coupled to mass spectroscopy (MS), the method is based on micro-solid phase extraction (MSPE) using special Metamino®spin filter with proprietary media. Metamino® microspin filter absorbs treated amino acid analytes, which are eluted through the integrated 0.22um membrane and afterwards injected into a Metamino® HPLC column, undergoing a LC-MS analysis. In total, sample preparation takes around 8 minutes and sample analysis 12 minutes, thus the entire experimental time is only 20 minutes.

While using gas chromatography (GC) coupled to MS, the sample is firstly derivatized followed by liquid-liquid microextraction step (LLME). Derivatized analytes migrate into the organic layer which is then directly amenable for a quick detection on GC-MS system. In GC-MS kit, sample preparation time has been shortened to 5 minutes and sample analysis runs 12 minutes. Total experimental time is roughly 17 minutes.

In our procedures, protein precipitation and removal of interfering substances are not required.

This unique kit meets all emergency requirements and needs of high throughput laboratories and is designed for all end-users seeking high separation efficiency.

MetAmino Sample Preparation Kit Description

MetAmino® kits offer an easy sample preparation method for your LC-MS or GC-MS analysis. MetAmino® kits incude derivatization reagences and all clean-up accessories to prepare your sample for injection. They elimilate the time consuming sample preparation procedures.New clean-up procedure uses a special material as the end-step. The other odvantage is that the derivatization procedure enables to extenbd the analyte list.
  • 75 amino acids, polyamines, biogen amines and coensymes
  • 25 minutes (sample preparation and analysis time
  • Easy sample preparation
  • SPE pipetting step replaced by MSPE
  • No heating needed in the procedure
  • There is no need to use a freezer
  • NIST library for GC/MS available

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